Must be Nice

“Wow, sex again Tiffany? Who’s this guy now? Must be nice, I wish I got laid like you did,” said Steve, Tiffany’s brother.

Suddenly he was in his room feeling very different, smaller and softer, and had something huge, long, hard, and pleasurable inside him. Looking down he had boobs and a big thick cock inside a hole he shouldn’t even have, his little buddy and two pals completely gone. He could feel his new long soft hair whisk about his face, as he was riding on top of some random dude.

“Wow, sex again Stephanie? Who’s this guy now? Must be nice, but I already got laid like you are now,” giggled Tiffany, as she watched her brother turned sister reach her first female orgasm and squeal in her new voice.

Tiffany had something to do with this change of events, and was having fun entertainment watching her former brother get laid like she just did, “What’s the matter? You said you wished you could get laid like I did.”

As Stephanie shuddered in orgasm along with the random guy, she realized her sister gave her exactly what she asked for, only not as a man, but just like her as a woman. Even more shocking, when Steph turned around, the random guy was her buddy Jeffry.

Jeffry smiled, “Wow, Stephanie, you are one hot babe, and one sexy girlfriend. That was great.”

“I’m Jeff’s girlfriend? I’m a girl! I can’t believe this,” said Stephanie.

Tiffany replied, “Believe it, I’m tired of having a whiney brother anyway, time to have a sexy sister instead. Now get dressed Stephanie, we are going on a double date. I have tight little black dress and heels you can wear to look sexy for your new man. Also I’ll help you with your makeup and hair, so let’s get started.”

Stephanie said, “New man? Hair, makeup?”

“Did I stutter, bitch? Now get your tiny ass in my room for some clothes, you’re not going out naked,” said Tiffany having a lot of fun with this.


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