Crying over spillt potion

“This have been fun”

“More fun and interesting than I had imagined”, Owen, to the left, answered Will, to the right.

“It´s really enlightening seeing how the other half lives. I will appreciate my girlfriend much more from now on, now when I know what she goes through all day”.

“Me too, when I get one. At least this experience will help me find a girl that I want”, Owen added.

“Ready to change back then? I´ve got the potion right here”.

“Pour it up! I am looking forward getting back to my old body, even though this one have its advantages”.

“Such as?”, Will asked curiosly.

“I look pretty in a dress”, Owen joked back.

“Here´s to manhood. Cheers!”
Will raised the glass but his delicate fingers fumbled with it. He lost his grip and dropped it to the table and spilled all of the contents.
The both guys in girl bodies screamed out in unison when the realised what happened: “NOOOOOOO”.

They were stuck


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