As a short and thin 15 years old boy I wanted to improve my body a bit. You know, to look more masculine and so that girls would want to date me. I found a potion on the internet that could help me reach my goal. Two days later it arrived. I didn’t want to get all muscular so I only drank a small portion of it before I went to sleep. Next day when I looked at my body I realized I screwed up badly. My body changed and I looked now like a woman.

I was afraid my parents might find out about the potion so I lied and said I have no idea how this could happen. I tried to reverse it with the potion but it didn’t work anymore. It was hard to continue on my life while looking like this. Everyone at school were giving me weird looks. I can’t blame them. I was 10 years older than my peers and it must have been weird for them to hang around with me. I also felt uncomfortable at school, like I didn’t belong there anymore. I think that along with my body my mind also might changed a bit. I seemed to be more mature and responsible. The things I enjoyed as a teenager didn’t please me anymore and I begin to spend less time with my friends since I felt a little bit embarrased to hang out with teenagers.

I knew I won’t be able to live like that anymore and I need to change something. My parents were against it when I told them I want to find a job. They said that I may have the body of a grown up woman but I’m still a 15 years old boy inside. I wanted to prove them wrong but my parents didn’t listen. I was really getting frustrated. I was living the life I didn’t want and I felt like I was trapped here by my parents. They kept controling my life and I was begining to have enough. Finally I was at my wits end over the issue of my life. I confronted my parents and said I’m going to quit school. A huge argument broke and we ended up yelling at eachother. Finally my mom said that if I want it so bad then I’m free to do so but not in her house. I knew what it meant so I packed my stuff and left.

With the little bit money I had I bought a ticket and traveled to the town where my aunt was living. When I arrived at her place I explained everything. Luckily unlike my parents my aunt was very supportive and she helped me out. She found me a job as a secretary in her office. I had to learn a lot of stuff, like how to dress up properly so i would look professional for the job. Over time i got used to makeup, skirts and high heels, enought that I actually started to enjoy wearing feminine clothes.

It’s been a year since I started my new life. Everything is going great. I still have my job and I’m doing good. I rented a small apartment and I’m finally living on my own. I didn’t have any contact with my parents since them but the next weeked I’m going to pay them a visit. I can’t wait to prove tham that they were wrong and I was right. I also wonder about their reaction when I introduce them to my boyfriend. I know they will have a lot of questions like am I into guys? Or are we having sex? The answer to both of those questions will be yes. I’m into men right now and I’m having sex with my boyfriend a lot.


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