Wearing the Lust

Tad used the medallion to change into a super sexy babe just for his friend Nathan, since Nathan had not been laid in ages. The deal was that Nathan would return the favor later. Nathan knew that the medallion’s changes would be permanent when someone came in contact with sexual fluids, and Tad would be no exception to that rule. Tad didn’t know this was the case, and in his new body he was super attracted to Nathan, and received his lustful sperm willingly acting a bit slutty in the process.

Once Tad got cleaned up, and grabbed the medallion with his dainty manicured new hands, he realized it wouldn’t change him back. He tried again and again, but nothing then yelled for Nathan.

Nathan smiled, “Looks like you’re stuck as my bitch now, Tad. I knew that cum makes it permanent, and now I’m afraid you’re stuck as this sexy babe now for life. I hope you like cock as much as you did this time around, TANYA.”

“TANYA?! YOU ASSHOLE!!! Do something,” yelled Tad.

“I will, I’ll recharge and put my cock back in your mouth so you’ll shut up and be the submissive slut I want,” said Nathan laughing.

Tad now Tanya, wanted to get revenge on Nathan, but the medallion would only change the user, not someone else, though he did try to change Nathan into a slut, since he couldn’t change himself back. Tanya ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door upset and angry and freaking out. Then later she got an idea, while Nathan was downstairs watching porn. She drugged his drink that she brought him to “apologize” and admit it was ok she’s be his girlfriend now.

Once Nathan got woozy, she coerced him into thinking of becoming a hot ultra busty slut while the medallion was touching him. The plan worked, and Nathan soon had balloon sized breasts and a nicely pierced pussy. As Nathan started to freak, she took some of his cum that was still on her chest a bit, and put it on him trapping him in his new form just like he did to Tad.

“Welcome to my world, NINA,” said Tanya renaming Nathan for his new form as an ultra busty hot gal.

“NINA?! What have you done, my chest is huge,” said Nina almost in tears.

“What have I done? Gave you easy access to men and cocks just like you did to me, I doubt either of us will have any trouble getting either with our bodies now, and new urges. Payback is a bitch, and now you’re one like I am. Enjoy those knockers, I’m sure they’ll never get in the way,” laughed Tanya pushing on Nina’s new huge rack.

The porn was still playing on Nina’s TV, and showed two well hung studs having their way with some women, and Tanya and Nina stopped and looked at them mesmerized, they were now not only sexy, but sluts as well.


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