Not All He Was Thinking

As Jeff’s wife walked out the door, after magically changing him into a woman, he zipped up his new latex tank, after all his boobs were exposed now. Jeff’s wife Linda smiled as she closed the door behind her, the latest chapter in her life over, and a new one beginning as a single woman. As for Jeff, his life would begin a new chapter as a single woman as well, thanks to Linda’s wrath.

Jeff smiled as he now she zipped up her top, not even concerned with the fact she used to be man and was now a babe, but more concerned with men now, her new desires overwhelmed her. Jeff was now Jessica, and she was a slut beyond belief, as she called four of her buddies over for some fun.

As Linda stopped by again later, she smirked as she heard female moans coming from Jeff’s house, realizing she was now a slut just like the women she cheated on Linda with so many times earlier. Linda got revenge and was glad as Jessica Jacksimoff was overwhelmed by her new boy toys, former friends now fuck buddies.


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