Gift (My aunt Melanie. Part 10)

As i went through the door i was immidiately welcomed by Timmy, who warped himself around my legs. James picked him up already since he was getting home earlier than me. “Mommy look what i did” He showed me a picture of him, James and me, well my aunt to tell the truth but after all this time i really started to think of this body as my own. I know i shouldn’t since we will swap back someday but for now i was Melanie and i couldn’t think otherwise. I was going to her job, i was taking care of the house and even became partialy intimate with James. I’m no longer disgusted when he kisses me.

“What a lovely picture, here it will get a special place i took the drawing and pinned it with magnets to the fridge. Timmy looked so proud of himself and i was happy to see him like this. “How was your day?” James aproached me from behind and kissed my neck. “It went pretty good” I smiled. “Sales Manager. Mrs. Melanie Wightman. I’m so proud of you honey” He said. Yup, i really got the promotion and a big salary rise. I was so happy, when i started i thought i would get myself fired, well look at me now.
I kissed James and excused myself, i had to change my outfit into something more comfortable and prepare dinner for us.

It was late evening. I already changed my clothes into a nightgown and was about to wash my make up when James came into the room. He walked towards me slowly, holding his hands behind his back. “Close your eyes” He said. I looked at him puzzled. “Come on” He insisted so i closed my eyes. “Now open” He said and i did so. He was holding a silver necklace. I was never into jewellery but it was so beautiful. I don’t know if it was really the necklace or the fact that he surprised me with a gift but i really loved it. “Happy anniversary babe” He said. Suddenly i realized it was their wedding anniversary. “I’m so sorry James, i was… i mean there was so much going on i… I just forgot about it” I tried to explain but he interrupted. “You already gave me something. A family and a second chance” He said. “Oh James” I sighed. I put the necklace around my neck and we kissed. But this time it wasn’t a short kiss, it lasted for long and it was full of passion. Still kissing James guided me slowly towards our bed and i let him to do so. We both fell on it and before i could realize what’s going on, my nightgown was on the floor and i was all naked. James slowly climbed on top of me, i could feel the tip of his penis rubbing the lips of my vagina. We looked eachother in the eyes and i nodded. I let out a slight gasp as his manhood entered me.


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