What have i done (My aunt Melanie. Part 6)

“Great job you idiot” I scolded myself for my stupidity. I should have listen to my aunt and keep quiet. Now thanks to my stubbornness i made things worse. When i confronted my uncle about his behavior evertything got out of control. I don’t even remember how it started but we ended up yelling at eachother. After that he took some of his things and left, leaving me with Timmy all alone. I don’t know if i should call my aunt. I need her advice but what will she tell when she finds out i screwed her marriage even more.

It’s thursday and my uncle still didn’t came back. I tried to call him but he’s not picking up. My head hurts right now. I sat on the chair and poured myself a glass o wine, lately i had a lot of it. As i was about to drink it i stopped. What the hell am i doing? Is it not enought that i ruined her marriage, now i’m trying to make her an alcoholic. I put back the glass but because of the sterss i accidentally dropped it on the floor. “Fuck!” I said as the glass shatered. “What’s wrong mommy” Little Timmy came up to me. “Nothing sweetie, mommy just broke the glass” I smiled. “When is daddy coming back?” He asked. I sighed, looking at his sad face. What can i tell him? Sorry kid but your big cousin who is now somehow your mommy screwed up and made your daddy leave? I had to stay strong and somehow fix this. “Soon he will come back” I hugged him. “Now go watch some tv before you hurt yourself, there is glass all over the floor” I said trying to sound motherly.

I cleaned the floor and sat again to think of a plan. I peeked into the living room where Timmy was watching his favorite cartoon. Poor kid, it must be hard to see his parents like this. Aunt Melanie trusted me with this body and i can’t fail her. I have to get a grip of myself, i’m an adult woman right now and i can’t act like a teenager. I need to talk again to uncle James. If we want to stay as a family we have understand ourselves better.


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