Lazy husband (My aunt Melanie. Part 5)

The days blurred together as i spend the whole week living as my aunt, doing practically the same thing every day. I wake up in the morning and spen 30-40min preparing myself for work. Drive Timmy to the neighboors and get to work. Then after i’m finally back i have to do all the housework.
Luckily today i don’t have to go to work but that dosen’t mean i can laze around. There is tone of work around the house since i don’t have much time in the week. As soon as i woke up i had to dress myself. After a quick breakfast i went to the grocery store. With full and heavy bags i got home and dropped them as soon as i went through the door. I got myself something to drink and started to clean the house.

I wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead as i put the basked filled with dirty laundry on the washing machine. I stood for a second to catch a breath, there is still so much to do. I didn’t knew my Aunt had it this hard. It would be easier if my uncle helped me. If he don’t want to talk it’s fine. At least it makes my life easier but come on, it’s his home as well. At least he could clean the dishes. I put the laundry in and went to the kitchen where i started to clean the floor, i’m still not used to these things on my chest, they just hang so awkwardly when i bend down.
When i finished i still had to change the sheets in Timmy’s bedroom and hang the laundry before making dinner.

I thought i will have a short break as we sat to eat but little Timmy was making a mess and of course i had to clean it up. After washing the dishes i was finally free. I adjusted the strap of my bra and decided to watch some tv. Tired, i went to the living room, barely holding on my feet. My uncle was already there, with his legs on the table, the same table that i cleaned an hour ago. That’s it! Im tired of his attitude! I know my aunt told me not to interfere but i can’t just watch. If i have to live like this for a year i will work myself to death. We are going to have some serious talk mister.


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