Pretty Floral Dress

“So let me get this straight,” Mike pinches his nose, “You want me to just believe that your !clearly-just-a-tv-remote! tv remote changes people. Is that what your saying?”
“Then no.”
“What? Come on!” Steve looks at his remote. “Let me prove it!”
Steve smiles. “You’ve been wearing a pretty floral dress…for like the last 5 minutes…”
Mike looks down, moving his shoulder length auburn hair to see his breasts encased in the pretty floral dress Steve described. The fact that he was a guy and didn’t have boobs, long hair, or a vagina 5 minutes ago didn’t register. “WOAH! NOT COOL!” He shouts in a voice much higher than normal, though that doesn’t seem to click either.
“Which part?”
“The floral dress! Also the 5 minutes but the floral dress especially!”
“Wanna know the best part?”
“This is clearly the worst part!” Mike was ready to slap his friend.
“What is your name and occupation?”
“Melissa Paige, Live-in Maid.” Mike, now Melissa, goes bug-eyed. “What the fuck did you do to me, Master?!” Realizing what she said, Melissa slowly backs away, supremely afraid.
Steve isn’t even looking at Melissa. “Wow, this remote is amazing.” Steve looks up. “Oh yeah, stay there.” Melissa freezes in place. “I guess I’ll make you aware of your changes, but let’s make some more first: 1. A strong attraction to me, 2. up your boobs to D’s, 3. You get sexual satisfaction from the orders I’ve made you follow, aaaand 4. a hatred of conservative clothing! That should do the trick!” Steve looked back to Melissa. “Any last words?”
“Fuck you!” His voice trembled with hatred
“Oh don’t worry,” Steve pushed enter, “you most certainly will.”


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