Magic Remote: From bully to babe

“Oh no, don´t point that thing at me again!”, Jason pleaded in fear.

Nigel aimed the remote at Jason and thought that he looked cute when he was all weak and scared, as opposed to being a big and rough bully. He even moved up his hands to protect himself against the beam. Nigel thought it just was silly. But Jason was never noted for his intelligence.

Nigel pressed a second set of buttons.

“What are you doing Nigel? Can´t a girl like me have some respite from guys like you?”. Jason seemed way more relaxed in his body now. No wonder, Nigel had programmed him to think and act like a girl. She still didn´t like nerds though.
“Hold on, Jenna. I´ll just need to press a couple of more buttons”.
“Whatever”, and rolled her eyes.


“How long will you be staying, Nigel?”, Jenna asked alluringly. She was even moving with a feminine grace now. It really made her body come to its right.
“How long do you want me to stay?”, Nigel answered in a confident tone and put the remote in his pocket. He already knew that she was completely infatuated about him.
“At least as long it takes for you to help me put sunscreen on my back”, she said, bending slightly forward and crossing her arms in such way that they accentuated her boobs. She flashed a smile and fluttered with her eyelashes, “and maybe longer”.
“I think I can manage that”, Nigel said triumphantly. He had just killed two birds with the same stone. Getting rid of his arch-nemesis in school and had gained a seriously hot girlfriend that was crazy about him.
It was good times.


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