Remote control fun

Nathan bought a magic remote with the intent of having some good fun. He was told that it could transform bodies. He soon experimented on himself.
He decided to experiment via making himself female. He selected the female hair option and directed it towards himself.
His hair sprouts out to long brunette waves that are tied back.
He then decides to have feminine legs.
His leg muscle as well as hair diminishes and smooth delicate female legs replace.
Nathan pressed the button by accident but Nathan now has a vagina instead of a penis.
Nathan decides that he needs an ass so his lower body can be complete.
His ass plumps to become a soft feminine ass.
Next came breasts and face and with other minor details Nathan was now Natalie.
Natalie decided she needed new clothes so she pointed the remote towards her closet.
Natalie now had enough skirts, lingerie, shoes and dresses to make any girl jealous.
Natalie was unsure of how long she would remain herself but she wants to give it a fair try and have a bit of fun.


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