Remote Vacation

I marveled at the massive size of my tits, on display, contained only by this huge bikini top made of material thick enough to accommodate their weight. I was walking on the beach and had to stop when I became self conscious my chest jiggling and bouncing with every step, people watching me the whole time.

When my girlfriend Jenny found the magic remote she immediately used it to put us on vacation in Miami. We were having a lot of fun until a busty woman who looked a lot like I do now passed by us and I couldn’t help but ogle her perfect body. That’s when my girl friend got pissed that I was looking at other girls. Her anger quickly became an impish joy as she decided to use the remote on me.
“That gives me an idea…” She said pointing the remote at me. She pressed a button and instantly I realized she’d made me a buxom woman just like the one I was looking at! Upon seeing my huge cleavage I looked around in a panic, hoping nobody saw. Nobody seemed to notice that a man had just become a woman.

“Oh my god, did you…” I asked, hearing my airy soprano, answering my question. “You did.” I felt my huge boobs through the padded thickness of my bikini top. Then I felt down at where my dick was, seeing only a blue area of fabric stretched over my flat crotch, plunging between my legs. My ass felt… cushy now.

“You are so hot Brad! Oh my god look at your tits!” Jenny said in pure amusement, causing several people to turn and look at my tits. My face got hot as I tried to cover myself and totally failing at it. “Ha ha, you look so cute and embarrassed.” She teased.

“Of course I’m embarrassed!” I squeaked. “You turned me into a fucking girl!”
“Oh, it’s just a joke. Relax, I’m just having a little fun.”
“Why’d you have to give me these giant tits??”
“Because I knew you’d freak out.” she said as she laughed. I just pouted as I tried to figure out what to do with my hands, not sure where to place them. I tried to wrap myself in a towel but Jenny objected.

“Ah ah ah, if you’re a girl you’re going to BE a girl, Brad! Now act like one and I won’t change your mind at all.” My girlfriend laughed, pretending she was kidding. I rolled my eyes and took the towel off and feeling the warm sun penetrate the deep valley of my stupidly huge boobs. I felt so naked and vulnerable, and that everyone was looking at my sexy body.
Jenny told me to go to a beach shop and buy suntan oil. I didn’t want to but decided not to argue. As I walked passed hordes of beach-goers feeling every tiny jiggle of my breasts and my rack I feel a sway in my hips and realize that I now have a naturally sexy walk. I could feel a thousand eyes on me, my body mostly naked designed by Jenny to make guys drool. I walked past one couple, the guy staring at my ass and tits as I walked past. His girlfriend slapped him in the arm and told him to stop. I pretended to ignore them but on the inside I felt just like the woman who passed Jenny and me. I stopped and put my hands on my hips in thought, staring down at my breasts I decided that this vacation was probably going to get even stranger.


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