Can’t resisit

When Ted went out of the shower he felt that something is wrong. He grabbed his boobs and screamed “What the!” He stopped hearing his feminine voice. “What the hell. Why did i turn into a chick” He said looking in the mirror.

“I told you not to touch my stuff” His roommate chuckled. “Ryan You asshole! Change me back!” Ted demanded. “Why should i? I always wanted to have a hot female roommate” Ryan said. Ted stormed angrily from the bathroom, his body was still wet from the shower. “I’m going to kill you” Ted shouted in his squeeky voice. “I demand you fuck me right here. Wait, that wasn’t what i wanted to say. I ment that you’re so handsome and your body makes me horny” Ted covered his mouth. Ryan was laughing. Ted wanted to kick his ass but his mind was all over him. He wanted Ryan so badly he could barely resist. “What’s going on? Why are you so… so…” Ted jumped in Ryans arms, kissing him passionately. Ryan put him on the bed and started to undress. Ted spread his legs as an invitation. The thoughts of Ryan’s manhood was making him wet. “Come here. I want you so badly” Ted said. Ryan grinned and took off his pants. The magical shower gell was working better than he expected


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