Toby stepped into the bathroom nervously. His parents had gone out and, thank goodness, his sister Claire was at a friend’s house. Nervously he reached in to the nondescript brown paper bag and pulled out the item he’d been so embarassed to buy at the store.

His pussy was dripping as he looked it over and licked the suction cup on the bottom. He stuck it to the edge of the bathtub and stared at how large it was. It was so much bigger than his fingers. But then they had seemed to big just a week ago.

He stripped and looked over his nubile young body. He focused on his tits for a moment, imagining once again how they weren’t done growing. He knew that of course because he’d originally been older. And male. Claire had found that stupid magic ring and demonstrated its powers by turning him from her older brother to her older sister. He was honestly more shocked to learn that everyone seemed to think she’d always been Tobi than to have tits and…

Shee glanced again at the toy by the tub. Her pussy literally ached for it. Stupid hormones. Being an almost 30 woman wasn’t so bad until Claire decided she wanted a little sister. Zoop! Tobi was 17 and living with her parents again while her “older sister” Clair was working on finishing up college across town. Going to high school again was awful. All the guys kept hitting on her, but the worst part her body was sending her hardcore messages to fuck like the teenager she now was.

She’d tried masturbation, and while awesome, didn’t really extinguish those urges. That’s why she bought that big plastic dong now by the tub.

Tobi lowered herself down onto it and gasped. It felt different, that was for sure. She started bouncing up and down and was soon feeling pretty good. She heard herself moan and was grateful she had the house to herself

Then the door opened and Claire was standing their smiling. Tobi just froze, completely unsure of how to react.

“Sorry to interrupt lil sis!” Claire said and giggled, “I forgot something and then heard some moaning so I thought I had to see for myself what you were up to! Don’t worry! I remember being a teenager, sometimes I was so horny I literally couldn’t stop myself!” Claire laughed as the ring on her finger started to glow.

Tobi gasped as her pussy got even hotter and her hips started moving on their own, even with her sister in the room.

“Oh, I just love how cute you look! Clean up when you’re done and don’t let mom and dad find that. Oh, and if you try the real thing I hope you don’t get to caught up to remember to use a rubber!” Claire laughed and left.

Tobi gasped and shook as her hips moved. She could feel sweat dripping on her skin and her juices running down the length of her toy. She knew this wasn’t going to be enough.

Who was that cute boy who sat behind her in chemistry? Who was always flirting with her? Kevin? God, the part of his mind that still thought of himself as Toby was freaked out at the idea of touching someone else’s dick, but even he knew Tobi’s horny snatch would override that caution. Just thinking about Kevin’s cock…

And walking down out the front door Claire heard a scream come from upstairs, a young woman orgasming as only young women with young women’s hormones do. Maybe she’d keep Tobi 17 for a few years just to keep that energy around…


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