My secret life. Part 9

A cold wind ran through my skin. I covered myself and looked at the clock. “It’s time to get up” I said and sat on the bed. I straightened the hem of my nightgown and got up, letting out a huge yawn and streatching my body. “Two weeks” I smiled. I have two weeks just for myself. My wife with my kids went to her parents. I told her i have to much work and i can’t go. She didn’t even insist. Of course it was a lie. Secretly from my wife i took a two week vacation just so i could spend more time as Tiffany. Of course i will have to change back form time to time, especially when my wife calls me but if there won’t be any need i plan to spend as much time as Tiffany.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee. I turned on the news and sat down, thinking about the things i could do. I have enough of clubbing since the last time. Thank God we used protection, i don’t even want to think what could happen if we didn’t. Well, i’m not certain if the body is fertile but i don’t want to find out. After finishing my coffee i took a hot shower and dressed up. Looking in the fridge i noticed it’s almost empty. “I have to go to the store” I said to myself. At first i wanted to change back for the trip so my neighboors won’t get suspicious but then i realized that i already left the house a few times in my female form so i grabbed my purse and drove to the local supermarket


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