Double Standard

Tony, Ben and Connor had run into the same problem which had confronted many guys before them—-they needed fake IDs to get into the bar, and their’s…..weren’t up to the task. To make things much more annoying, many of their female classmates didn’t even get carded at the local bars. It was a double standard, and one which had them stumped.

It had been Connor who’d found the stone. He’d been taking a walk through the woods just off campus and literally tripped over it, much to his annoyance. He’d picked it up, muttering “I wish these woods were easier to get through”.

When there was a flash and a few seconds later a massive trail had been glazed through the woods nobody was more shocked than Connor. He’d raced back to the dorms to show Tony and Ben the results. At first, they were skeptical, but pretty soon they realized it was the real deal. That, of course, lead to even more excitement.

So, of course, when Tony wished that they could get into the bars the same way the girls had, they certainly expected something to happen, but not to be turned into “Victoria, Beth and Connie”. Even worse, when they tried to wish themselves back nothing happened. Apparently, there was only one way to exploit this double standard….


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