“Oh, come on already,” Alex said whining, rubbing his sore pussy and squeezing one of his large breasts. “I’ve climaxed… mmm… a dozen times and I still haven’t changed back.”

Alex’s little sister had been messing around with her magic book again and had accidentally transformed him into a horny, attractive, big titted brunette girl.

“The book says that once the user is satisfied, they will revert to their original form,” she hollered at Alex from the other side of his bedroom door.

“I know. I know. Mmmm. I’ve been ‘satisfying’ myself for hours. What gives,” Alex asked fingering his wet clit.

“Well, big bro, you ever think that maybe you’re not COMPLETELY satisfied,” she asked while flipping through the contacts on Alex’s phone. “I have an idea: Let me call one of your BIG jock friends. I’m sure they’ll leave you plenty satisfied.”

Alex didn’t know how to respond. Playing with his new pussy, this whole body, was incredible but it just wasn’t enough.  Deep down he knew that getting filled up with a huge cock would be the only way to quench his desires and reverse the changes.


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