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Mommy’s Secret Pleasure

Corey knew the swap would be disorientating, but he wasn’t prepared to be naked with the neighbour Mrs Morgan kissing his ear and her fingers up what could only be his mother’s vagina. He’d only meant the swap to last a few seconds in order to find out where his mother was disappearing to in the afternoons, but right now he was putty in Mrs Morgan’s hands and he didn’t want the pleasure of mature womanhood to end. Read more

Mature lesbian fun

Ike and Turn were having a blast in their mother’s bodies thanks to the swap bracelets they each wore. They’d initially swapped to get out of being grounded, but now the two new older ladies had locked themselves into a bedroom not being able to resist experimenting. Read more

Hide and go Hop

J: Is that you Steven and Bill?
S: You found us. Now it’s your turn to hide “Jackie”.
B: Yeah, you haven’t left that body in days now always letting us do the hopping.
J: You know what, I’m tired. How about I just join you girls for a few hours of sunbathing. I should even out this body’s tan.
S: Sure this game is getting too easy and we all just want to relax our fat asses. After all there is a reason we keep choosing bodies like this and I just love the feeling of a bikini on these curves.
B: Not to mention the afternoon volleyball games. I enjoy the jiggles and the looks. Though Jackie I thought you would have swapped after yesterday’s wardrobe malfunction.
S: Oh you’re turning red again!
J: All part of the thrill. I even met up with Jake again last night and gave him a full show.
S: That’s where you disappeared. You do know you need to be careful when swapped, especially the longer you stay as Jackie. It’s fun for a drunk beach vacation and the host just thinks they had a long hangover, but you’re pushing it.
J: That wouldn’t be so bad…but now that you mentioned it I may have pushed things a little far as I can’t seem to swap though it could be I’m just happy being Jackie.
B: Well let’s enjoy the rest of the week together, but I think I’ll be swapping into Jake to get an encore of your show tonight.
J: Please don’t. I want to build a real relationship with him in our new city when you guys go home without me to another state.

Paying a debt

Neil had no idea how long he’d be there. But in the body he was in there wasn’t really anywhere else he could go. Read more

Push Up with no hands

Everyone used to make fun of me for being so scrawny. Especially in gym class when I could barely pull off a set of girly pushups. It hurt a lot and I wished I could show up the other guys with a better body. Read more

Respects for disrespect

The old bitch was finally dead and I’m one of the few people at her funeral. I was hoping before she died she would have turned me back into a young man. I still would have come to her funeral, just not in a dress pretending to be her middle aged spinster daughter. Read more

Bikini itch

You were right that it’s a lot less gay for us to be tubing down the river as chicks than dudes. I’d have never believed what Bikini Beach Rentals could do to us. And I love the attention and cat calls. But it’s taking all my self control with how this bikini is riding up my crotch. Read more

Back support

Clayton had hurt his back before the big game and wasn’t sure what to do especially as they were on the road staying at an old hotel. The other players joked it’d belonged to hoodoo witches. That’s when he spied his girlfriend’s bra that he’d snuck into his luggage as a trophy. He figured he could use it as a make shift back support and no one would notice it under his jersey. Read more

New Step Daughter

This is a big day for you Jennifer, going outside for a swim. Don’t worry we’ll get you a bikini as soon as the scars heal. You’re going to love the feel of water on your new pussy and how your boobs will bob around. Though they won’t float as freely as natural breast tissue you can still have some fun and they’ll stay perky for a long time. Read more