New Step Daughter

This is a big day for you Jennifer, going outside for a swim. Don’t worry we’ll get you a bikini as soon as the scars heal. You’re going to love the feel of water on your new pussy and how your boobs will bob around. Though they won’t float as freely as natural breast tissue you can still have some fun and they’ll stay perky for a long time.

It’s just so weird with this swimsuit tight against me as there’s no denying what you turned me into. I was your step son Jack and you’ve kept me trapped here for months changing me.

It was to protect you darling. Transitioning is so difficult with the eyes of the world on you because you’re a fragile flower. But now you’re ready to blossom.

But what about Dad?

Your father loves his new daughter and looks forward to the grand children you’ll give us.

But you took my penis away and all of these hormones.

Relax Jennifer. You’ve got my daughter’s uterus before she was taken away from us by that accident. In fact you’ll have your first period in a few days which is why we are swimming today. You know how much I loved her and now I love you. I’ve given you so much so that we can be mommy and daughter and be a family.

I love you too Mommy and I won’t disappoint you. I am looking forward to seeing my friends again.

One step at a time dear. And don’t worry we’ll be throwing you a debutante ball to introduce our daughter to the world.


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