Bikini itch

You were right that it’s a lot less gay for us to be tubing down the river as chicks than dudes. I’d have never believed what Bikini Beach Rentals could do to us. And I love the attention and cat calls. But it’s taking all my self control with how this bikini is riding up my crotch.

I know mine itches too. There’s no one around, we could give it a little scratch. Let’s do it together.

Now that’s gay, but I really want to scratch it and it’d be a shame not to explore this body a little. Though we were warned not to play around too much with these bodies.

It’s just a little scratching. And I want to avoid too much of a bikini tan.

Let’s just get this over with before we get to the next bridge.

And maybe we should upgrade to a weekend pass so we have a chance to even out our tan in private.


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