Back support

Clayton had hurt his back before the big game and wasn’t sure what to do especially as they were on the road staying at an old hotel. The other players joked it’d belonged to hoodoo witches. That’s when he spied his girlfriend’s bra that he’d snuck into his luggage as a trophy. He figured he could use it as a make shift back support and no one would notice it under his jersey.

The silkiness felt great and it did help his back. Feeling the straps there helped his posture too. There was still some time before the game and he figured he’d practice some visualization in front of the mirror to help out. Staring in the mirror he imagined the game and his back being just fine thanks to the supportive bra. However, he got distracted as thinking of the bra made him think of his girl friend in it and how her boobs would fill out those lacy cups.

Clayton was transfixed by the mirror as he visualized his girl friend as somehow his lust transformed into jealousy as he wished he could fill out this bra properly and he could be just as sexy as her. After all he had blonde hair and a cuter face. He began posing as his frame thinned and his bust jutted out. Finally Clayton had had enough and ripped off his shirt to look at her cleavage.

The team won the game despite the disappearance of their star player Clayton. They’d each received some special motivation from the new busty blonde hotel maid. She knew exactly what a man needed and was very flexible with her back.


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