Missing summer

Jacob was on his way home, barely holding on his feet after a hard day at work. It was summer time so all the kids and teens were roamig around enjoying their carefree time. Jacob envied them, it’s been so long since the last time he could enjoy summer. He didn’t have much free time because of his job. He was an adult and he had responsibilities but sometimes he wished so badly to just forget about work.
His wish was heard and fulfiled by a good deity. Jacob stopped when he started to feel funny. He was shrinking in size, his whole body was becoming small and petite. He felt a tingling sensation on his chest and between his legs. Something tickled him on the neck. Jacob reached his hand and found out it was his hair growing longer. His shirt began to shrink into a small piece of fabric. It warped itself around his chest creating a cute, pink bikini top, covering his small breasts. His jeans soon did the same changing into a pair of shorts. At this point his manhood was already gone, making Jacob a girl.

“Kelly! Over here” A girl called. Jacob turned around as if he knew the girl is refering to him. “There you are” She said. Jacob looked puzzeled, he didn’t recognize her. “What’s wrong with you? The pool party started an hour ago. What took you so long and why are you staring at me like this?” The girl asked tons of questions which confused Jacob even more. “Nevermind, lets go. I want to introduce you to my boyfriend, he’s got some cute friends if you’re interested” She winked and took him by arm.
Soon all of his worries disappeared. He stopped thinking about his job and responsiblities. It was summer and it was time to relax and have fun.


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