Caught in a lie

I laid in bed naked, rubbing my cock with my hand trying desperately to keep at the edge of orgasm. I glanced over at the clock. Almost 4. This was bad, this was really bad.

I’d found a spellbook and in it, I’d found a spell. It would turn a man of your choice into a woman, but only temporarily. The trick was, if you didn’t have sex with them before the spell wore off, the spell caster would turn into a woman. Not just that, but the rebound would make them into a woman of their own desires.

I debated for a weeks whether to use the spell or not. One day my roommate Adam was a total dick to me, telling me I didn’t do enough to keep the place clean and I had embarassed him when he brought a girl home last night by watching porn with the volume too high in my room. So I decided I’d use Adam, then tell him if he didn’t have sex with me before the spell ended, he’d be stuck a woman forever.

Adam was pissed, but hot as a girl. She tried to kick me in the balls, but was too weak. Then she stormed out after I told her she had until 4 to fuck me or else she’d never get her manhood back. It was a lie, but I thought I sold it well. I knew she’d be back before 4.

But then it hit three and Adam wasn’t back. The three thirty. Then three forty five. I tried to call Adam, but got no answer. I stripped naked and started masturbating. I knew I’d need to cum fast when Adam got home.

Now I looked at the clock. 3:59. I stopped playing with myself and felt a sudden dread fill me. I was going to be a woman.

The clock hit 4 and the changes that hit me were rapid. My dick shrank down to a clit, my balls pulled up into me and my vagina formed. My hips widened and my shoulders narrowed, then my chest swelled and swelled and swelled before my very eyes. I looked down past them, my hand unmoved from when I’d been playing with my cock. I glanced at the clock. 4:01.

Then I started to feel weird. Horny, but not like before. I wanted something else now. I wanted a cock. I wanted a guy to grab my tits and fuck me. I wanted to suck a guy until he exploded in my face.

The woman of my desires I realized, aside from being curvy as hell, was a total nympho.

The door creaked open and I saw Adam standing there covered in sweat, naked, with a big smile on his face as he looked down at me.

He said he’d gotten stuck in traffic on his way home, and had parked his car on the side of the road and run home as fast as he could so he wouldn’t get stuck. He’d stripped as soon as he got in the door, then suddenly transformed back into a man.

Now he saw me, female, staring at his cock and literally drooling.

My body tingled and I blushed. What had I done to myself?


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