When the hot blond who introduced herself as Erica started flirting with Mitch, Mitch was sure as hell happy to see where it went. That ended with them back at his place, him pounding her and her moaning, then him pulling out and finishing all over her tits and face. She smiled and squished her boobs together, giggling as some of his cum splashed into her mouth and ran down her neck to a charm sitting there.

His eyes paused as he looked at it. The first time all evening he wasn’t staring at her tits. It looked familiar- He froze as he recognized it and she laughed.

“You finally figured it out?” She asked, covered in his cum.

“Where did you get that?” Mitch asked.

“It’s me, Eric.” Erica said and smiled.

“That’s impossible. Eric ran away.” Mitch said nervously. That was definitely what happened. Mitch had spent years in therapy and that was what had happened. The two of them had gotten stoned during that lunar eclipse and imagined they had a magic wish granting pendant. It had all been a delusion.

“That’s what you chose to tell everybody? I’d always wondered.” Erica said and looked up at him, still smiling and squishing her cum covered boobs together. “I get not recognizing me right away, I did have a little work done.” She said and pointed to the scar on the underside of her large breast.

“No, no, no, no.” Mitch repeated. There was no way. They’d gotten stoned and watched the moon turn blood red. Eric had been wearing the ‘magic’ pendant he’d found some place. He was always into the occult so Mitch thought nothing of it. Mitch whistfully wished he was watching the eclipse with a girl and then *POOF!*. Eric was a blond girl with small boobs. They both started to freak out, especially Eric obviously, then Mitch had wished Eric would calm down and have time for the drugs to wear off and to figure things out. *POOF!* Eric vanished. That was three years ago.

“I did more research. The pendent only grants wishes during an ascending total lunar eclipse. And it only grants wishes which effect the wearer at the whim of others.” Erica said.

“I- you-”

“I had plenty of time to figure things out. The pendant teleported me to Las Vegas near a strip club. Some girls were out back smoking and found me. They could tell I was stoned and helped me out. They said I was pretty and I joined the show. I tried to come to figure things out there, but I didn’t have the time or money. Then I got spotted by a guy who promised to make me a star. All I had to do was get a little work done, which he said he’d front the money for. That’s how I got these boobs and started my life in porn. After that I had lots of free time and was able to travel and visit all kinds of libraries until I learned what the pendant did.” Erica ran her finger around her neck, dragging the pendant through Mitch’s cum. She lifted it off her neck and dangled it on her finger, staring at it.


“The thing is, I realized I liked being a girl. Hell, I even liked working in porn. Sex as a chick is awesome. But then I got to thinking about you and what your life was like. I’m a little disappointed you never looked for me.”

“I just- I thought I was just stoned and you ran off. It made more sense than magic.” Mitch said.

“I suppose. Still I don’t think it’s quite fair. Call me vindictive.” She said and with a sudden move leaned up and hooped the necklace over Mitch’s head. Mitch looked about still stunned and confused until he peered out the window and saw a blood red moon in the sky.

“I wish Mitch was a sexy petite red head with boobs the size of ripe cantaloupes.” Erica said and *POOF!* Mitch was suddenly staring down at her past a pair of massive breasts. “I wish Mitch was transported to the same alley way I was transported to when he made his wish. Bye Mitch. Have a nice life.”



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