“This is your fault?” Jeremy said incredulously to his (now her) girlfriend. “Why did you turn me into some fat chick?!”

Cheryl looked at him, pretending to be offended. “You’re not fat, you’re, oh, what did you call me yesterday? Oh that’s right! You’re ‘thick’.”

“So this was all revenge for some stupid thing I said? I say one word and now I have to deal with… all this?” Jeremy said, rubbing his hands over his new body as he did so. Cheryl noticed he lingered for awhile on his breasts.

“Oh no, haven’t you noticed anything else different?” she asked, slowly removing her clothes. “You know I wasn’t happy with my weight, so I found a way to get rid of it. A potion some strange old woman gave me yesterday after I walked out.” She stood there naked now, her toned body revealed to the open air.

“It would transfer some of my weight away, she said, the only problem is it would only work on another girl, so she gave me a second potion so I could turn you into just that.”

Jeremy opened his mouth to argue, but shut it quickly, mesmerized by Cheryl’s thin form walking closer to him, her small perky breasts swinging seductively, a sexy sway present in her slender hips. She reached around him and grabbed his plump ass.

“How do you like being the thick one now?”


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