Open minded

It was our fifth date, and things had been going very well. We’d had sex. More than once in fact. She’d spent the night at my place actually and we’d screwed again in the morning. Then we got to talking. Talking about things that excited us and things that we thought would be fun. Our conversation went a thousand places as we laid there chatting. She told me she could tell I was an open minded guy, and that she’d try to think of some more interesting things to try. I laughed and said I’d be game for whatever she wanted. Then I got up to put on my robe.

I felt a chill as I slipped into it and then felt my body squeezing and shrinking in different places. I turned and felt a weird swinging on my chest. Lying on the bed was a man holding an intricately carved stick in his hand. He had a large erection, and for some reason looking at it made me feel really strange, but good. I glanced down and gasped at the large breasts under my robe and the empty space at by crotch.

He asked me if I was still feeling open minded.

We didn’t leave bed the whole day.


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