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Jeffery sipped at his drink as he stood outside. The fresh air helped clear his buzzing head. Perhaps it was fate that everything was coming to a head today.
Just a few short hours ago he was at his lab finishing the equation that had puzzled him for these past three years. The equation that would allow him to return to his original reality and back to his old life. Jeffery knew he should be more excited about this breakthrough, but his new life as Jennifer has all but consumed him.
He glanced inside at the partygoers. His boyfriend Chris was a bad lier, this was no get together. As soon as Jeffery walks back inside, Chis is going to get down on one knee. This is their engagement party.
Jeffery truly did love Chris. More than he thought he would ever love a man, though, as Jeffery concluded, his feelings were Jennifer’s feelings, and vice versa; two lives, one body.
It had been a long three years. At first, he was frightened beyond belief. It was like having to learn how to live again. His whole world was turned upside down, but Chris had always been there.
Sure, he could roll the dice, pray that there would be a Christina in his old reality. It was risky, but he could be a man again. But Chris was real, a constant among a sea of variables.
If he walked through that door, he would be sealing his fate as Jennifer, a woman for the rest of his life with the man he loves. or he walks away now, and returns to his former self and regains his old life just the way it was.

Quit beating around the bush

“Listen,” Jeff said as he sat down on the bed, “Quite beating around the bush. Either you are going to switch us back or you aren’t.”
Lisa stood there in Jeff’s body, dumbstruck, “What do you mean?”
“Lisa, it’s been six months since the last time I was in my own body.” Jeff explained, “And even then, it still felt weird because before that I was a girl for four months.”
I mean lets face it, you had us switched for so long that we basically became each other.”
Lisa shrugged, “You are not mad?”
“I know I should be,” Jeff said, “but honestly, I love you…my body. I can’t imagine going back to being a guy. Losing my breasts and my femininity. That,” He said gesturing to his old body, “Just isn’t who I am anymore. I am a woman and you are a man.”
Lisa sighed a silent agreement as she sat down.
“But, there is one more thing you have yet to do to your new girlfriend.” Jeff said biting his lip

Playing the part

“I mean, really,” Ryan said as he examined his new body, “what the hell am I supposed to do with these?”
His friend Kyle grinned, “I can think of a few things,” he joked, “but all I need you to do tonight is just play it cool.” He said handing the former man a bra. Read more


The accident had taken so much.
The doctors said they had done all they could do, and presented him with two options:
Option one, they stop surgery and he leaves the hospital. His quality of life would be low and he would be on a catheter for the rest of his life.
Option two, they perform an emergency SRS to invert what remained of his mangled manhood and form it into a functional vagina. His quality of life would be much better, though he would have to live it as a woman. Read more

Having Fun

“Dude, I’m telling you, it is great.” Duane said as he walked into the pool house. “I don’t think I have paid for a drink once this entire vacation!” Read more


John marched into the restaurant. As he did, he felt many of the patrons eyes turn to him, or at least parts of him. He no longer cared.
He saw her sitting in a booth in the corner, she was alone, just as she promised she would be. John marched over to her, his heels clicking loudly as he walked.
“You bitch.” He hissed as he approached the table.
“Oh good,” She said with a wicked smile, “Why don’t you take a seat.” She said gesturing to the other side of the booth.
John carefully slid in with his knees together and crossed his legs.
“What lady like manors you have.” She said with a giggle.
“I can’t control it.” John said angrily, “I know how to dress, do my make up, my hair. I know how to walk, talk, sit and live like a woman. And I hate it!”
She turned her head to the side, playing coy, “But I thought this is what you wanted?” She said.
“I never agreed to this!” John said gesturing to his chest, “You said you would help me understand women!”
“And I provided.” She said, “Never did I state how you would receive this knowledge. Consider it hands on training.”
John folded his arms across his chest, “Deals off, change me back. I want out of the contract.”
She shook her head, “I’m sorry but a deal is a deal.” She stood up, “You are going to have to learn to live with it. Don’t worry, I will be back in ten years to collect your side of the contract.” she began to walk away, “Ten years isn’t that long.” She said before vanishing.

Love Finds a Way

Jordan knelt on the bed waiting for Michael to join him. He took one of the roses out of the arrangement and held it up to his nose. As a man, he never appreciated how great they smelled.
When he was younger, Jordan sometimes wondered what his wedding would look like. How he would look look in his tux waiting for his bride to walk down the isle and greet him. He never in a million years thought that the bride would be him.
Sure enough though just a few short hours ago, he played the role of blushing bride very well. Down the isle he walked, his dresses hugging his feminine curves, his hips swaying and his heels clicking as he walked towards his husband.
The Great Shift changed everything. Somethings visible, somethings not so much. It changed who Jordan was, what he looked like, and even the way he thought. And now, as he waited in his wedding lingerie, for the first time, Jordan was grateful for each individual change.
Even in the Great Shift, love finds a way.

Top Dollar

“Oh thank god!” Ryan exclaimed in his new feminine voice. The door to his room had just swung open and it revealed someone who, for the first time in months, was not his captors. “Do you speak english?” Ryan asked, his heart racing.
The man stood there in silence, his eyes surveying Ryan’s naked body.
Ryan felt himself blush. He was not used to the attention he now attracted from men, embarrassed, he covered his chest.
“Remove hands,” The man said in broken english, he spoke with a russian accent.
“Please sir,” Ryan said, “You have to help me. The people here…they are trying to make me into something I’m not.”
The man moved closer, “Very pretty girl.” He said.
Ryan’s heart began to race faster, “No you don’t understand. I’m not a girl, or at least I didn’t used to be. They did this to me!”
The man was right on top of Ryan now. He took one of his large hands and cupped Ryan’s new breasts gently. “Very nice. Expensive but nice.” He said, “I pay top dollar for you.”
“I’m not a woman, you’ve made a mistake.” Ryan said, in tears at this point.
“You girl now.” He said, a twisted smile forming at his mouth, “Tonight you become woman.”

The hard way

Gary thought he was clever. He thought he had his plan all figured out. He split his weeks in half. Every other day, he would attend one set of classes as himself, and the other half he would spend as Maddie. The body suit was made so well that it would fool anyone. Including his girlfriend.
For about a year now, Gary suspected that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. So he finally devised a plan that would allow him to break though her defenses unsuspected; as a best friend. Gary knew his girlfriend inside and out, and it would be oh so easy for him to use this information as Maddie, to get close to her.
His plan was working like a charm, that is until last week. His girlfriend invited Maddie to come stay with her over spring break. Figuring that it would give him ample time to finally get the answers he was looking for, Gary agreed.
What he didn’t take into account however, was his body suits biometric seal. When left on for over four days, the suit has a tendency seal itself permanently. A quick trip to the dealer will fix this problem, however, unfortunately for Gary, the dealer is nine states way back home.
As it turned out Gary’s girlfriend was not cheating on him, but Gary had to learn that the hard way. He was now forced to continue the semester as Maddie, although, much of the male population on campus don’t see this as a problem.

The Play

“You are crazy Sara!” Eugene shouted at his girlfriend backstage, “There is no such thing as magic!”
“Gene, I’m serious!” Sara said, panic in her voice, “I was only in costume for fifteen minutes and look at me.” She said gesturing to her body, “My chest is more masculine, and my boobs are shrinking.”
Gene took a good look at his girlfriends body. He had to admit that it certainly did look different. But what she was describing was impossible.
“You are just getting cold feet,” Eugene said, trying to stay calm, “You were the one that suggested this stupid gender bender play and now you want to back out.”
Sara stomped her feet in aggression, “You don’t even see it do you. How long have you been in costume? One hour? Two? Maybe Three?” She asked.
Eugene shrugged, “Probably closer to three.”
“Do you even have to try to keep your voice high? Or do you not realize you sound like a girl now?” Sara asked.
“What are you-” Eugene stopped, realizing that he did sound like a girl.
Sara moved closer to him, “Are you positive those are just breast forms on your chest?”
Eugene nodded nervously.
Suddenly Sara tore open Eugene’s top, revealing to his horror what was on his chest. His breast forms had disappeared completely, leaving in their place, two large, very female, very real breasts.
Eugene stood silent looking down in horror at his female body and realizing his girlfriend was 100% correct. Something was transforming their bodies to match their costumes.