Playing the part

“I mean, really,” Ryan said as he examined his new body, “what the hell am I supposed to do with these?”
His friend Kyle grinned, “I can think of a few things,” he joked, “but all I need you to do tonight is just play it cool.” He said handing the former man a bra.

Ryan scoffed and cupped his new breasts into the bra. It did very little to comfort him, as the bra made his breasts look bigger. “Thats easy for you to say, you aren’t the one in the skirt.” Ryan sighed, “Go over the plan one more time.”

Kyle cleared his throat and began, “The mark is Colin Daughtery, night guard of the Prudential Building. Every Saturday though, he has the night off.” He explained, “During this sabbatical, Colin spends his time at Mcgivern’s Tavern where he likes to drink and chase local tail,” He was pacing by this point, “Which brings us to you, our fem-fatal, you are going to sashay your new beautiful self right into that pub and get real friendly with Colin.”

“Get as much information as you can about the security systems, alarms, layout, whatever you can without raising suspicion. Then once you’ve milked him for all he’s got, slip this into his drink,” Kyle said, presenting a small white pill, “and invite him up for a nightcap. Once he has gone night-night, we take his key card and boom,” He said wrapping up, “we’ve got our way in.”

Ryan rolled his eyes, “Seems like a lot of effort to go through for a key card.”
“Well, I’ll admit, seeing you transform into a gorgeous woman did help in the decision process.” Kyle said with a wink, “Now go get ’em girl.”


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