Love Finds a Way

Jordan knelt on the bed waiting for Michael to join him. He took one of the roses out of the arrangement and held it up to his nose. As a man, he never appreciated how great they smelled.
When he was younger, Jordan sometimes wondered what his wedding would look like. How he would look look in his tux waiting for his bride to walk down the isle and greet him. He never in a million years thought that the bride would be him.
Sure enough though just a few short hours ago, he played the role of blushing bride very well. Down the isle he walked, his dresses hugging his feminine curves, his hips swaying and his heels clicking as he walked towards his husband.
The Great Shift changed everything. Somethings visible, somethings not so much. It changed who Jordan was, what he looked like, and even the way he thought. And now, as he waited in his wedding lingerie, for the first time, Jordan was grateful for each individual change.
Even in the Great Shift, love finds a way.


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