Careful planning

Miguel is meticulously careful. When he discovered his shapeshifting abilities, it was a full month before he left the house in his new form. He spent that time creating an identity for his new life. His name would be Michelle Vásquez and he would be an aspiring model of Puerto Rican and Ukrainian descent. He created a back story, forged documents and began to take out phone contracts and library cards in her name.

When the time came to make the switch he was ready. He took a taxi to the bus station and changed himself in the bathroom. He stepped out and bought a ticket across the country. He paid in cash.

Six months on, Miguel’s modelling career is going very well. His agent is amazed at the physique he is able to maintain and the hours he spends in the gym. What his agent doesn’t know is that Miguel hardly spends a second actually working out; his abilities after all make it a little pointless. Mostly he just poses in the mirror, photographing the exotic beauty whose body is the envy of everyone she meets.


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