Having Fun

“Dude, I’m telling you, it is great.” Duane said as he walked into the pool house. “I don’t think I have paid for a drink once this entire vacation!”

Jimmy sat on the edge of the pool in silence listening to his friend ramble.

“All I have to do is show a little skin, maybe lean forward a little,” He said, squeezing his new chest together, “and they are putting in my hands.”

“That’s really nice man.” Jimmy said, uninterested.

“And these legs!” Duane continued, “Killer right? Who would have thought I would be shaving my legs this weekend.” He said laughing, “These heels are probably a bit much though.”

Again, Jimmy remained silent.

Duane groaned as he slid into the hot tub, “What is with you?” He asked, why don’t you try to have fun?”

Jimmy crossed his arms over his chest, “You get to be a young attractive woman! Of course you are having fun!” He exclaimed, “What kind of fun am I supposed to have in the body of a nine year old girl!”

Duane shrugged. His friend had a point. Although to be fair, Exchange island promised a completely random swap, they never guarantee who’s body you will end up in.


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