The Popular Life

“Lets see” said Jim looking through his new phone, 3 missed calls, 14 new facebook messages, 18 new tweets, and 23 new text messages. “God its so stressful having to talk to so many people” he thought, its only been a week since he swapped with the most popular girl in the biggest sororities on campus. He learned it wad a lot more work being Megan Swoski than Jimmy Felender. He would only get texts from the occasional study buddy and lab rats from his old engineering classes. He also had to run a lot more to keep himself being a size 2, he didn’t do that much in his old slightly overweight buddy. “Hmmm, theres 3 different frat parties tonight, I wonder who’s I’ll attend” He sighed he just wanted to go back to playing his video games but with his new life he never could find the time.


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