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I thought for a while about what Jeff had said before he left last night, that I was addicted to the bodysuit. I can’t say that I personally would call it that, it was simply a hobby that I enjoyed. And who wouldn’t?
When I am Melissa people treat me better. They hold doors for me, carry my bags for me, they treat me like a lady should be treated. Does it help I am beautiful? Sure it does, but that doesn’t mean I am addicted to it. I can stop any time I want.
Jeff was just upset that I turned him down on another date. He is as much to blame as anyone, the whole bodysuit idea was just a plan to get back at Jeff’s old girlfriend. Having her see Jeff on a date with a gorgeous redhead would really dig at her. How was I supposed to know I would enjoy being that redhead so much.
Sure, I will admit that there a days on end that I don’t take off the bodysuit. And yes I have been on a few dates with men as Melissa and maybe fooled around with a couple of them. But I never go all the way, just to third base, I mean, someone other than me should see my perfect boobs. I mean the suits boobs.
I scoffed as I pulled up my skirt and hooked my bra. Jeff has no idea what he is talking about. Addicted, yeah right.

Value his education

Jessie adjusted his top and checked his makeup and hair one last time. It was just a girls night but he still wanted to look good, just in case.
He was so glad that Christine talked him into buying this dress, he really did look hot in it. It was hard to believe just how much Jessie had changed in just two semesters at college.
A year ago, Jessie was a stereotypical rich high school senior. Well at least, his parents are rich, and very particular about Jessie’s education. They demanded that Jessie attend whatever the best school in the country was. Unfortunately for Jessie, that just happened to be an all girls school. Even more unfortunate, his father was not willing to compromise.
After calling in a few favors, Jessie’s father was able to acquire several doses of hyper concentrated female hormone injections. Enough to, according to his friend, make Rocky look like Miss America.
Jessie received his first injection in his sleep, and woke up a brand new woman. The hormones worked fast, even after a few hours, his skin was softened and his breasts were already growing. Faced with no alternative, Jessie enrolled in the girls college.
The year passed quickly and Jessie gradually shifted into his new role. Gone were the days of playing football and picking up chicks at school. Now he spent his time on the sidelines cheering for the team and being hit on by creeps on campus.

The serum

Sam gripped the shower walls as the transformation finished. They were coming at a faster pace now, and lasting longer each time. If he didn’t find a cure soon, there may come a time he doesn’t change back.
As the final pains in his groin subsided, Sam grabbed a towel and stumbled out of the shower, back into his office. By this point he had learned to keep a set of women’s clothing close by, for situations like this. He slipped off his wet shirt and dried himself off. Goosebumps forming on his sensitive skin. The first time he transformed, Sam was beyond frightened, but now he was used to it. Other than his body, nothing else seemed to change, and that is what frustrated him the most. Even after a month of research, he was still no closer to finding out why the serum was doing this.
After he buttoned up his blouse and put his damp hair back in a ponytail, Sam sat back down at his desk, desperate to find out what the problem was, before it was too late.

Couples Therapy

Oh my god baby yes!” Jack yelled as his wife climbed on top of him.
Just a few short weeks ago, Jack and Julia’s marriage had hit a very rocky patch. Julia claimed it was a lack of passion while Jack claimed it was stress from work. Whatever the reason however, their relatively new marriage was in trouble. Read more

Country Star

“Mom, this is getting out of hand.” Sam said quietly.
His mother spun around, “What’s wrong honey? Don’t you like the outfit?” She asked.
“Well, no.” Sam replied, “I hate it. It is way to feminine and…revealing.” He finished, hanging his head, ashamed.
“Feminine? Sam, that is what the producers expect.” His mother explained, “They signed you for your voice, thinking you were a woman. We need to keep the illusion intact.” She said, “Think about your contract, your future.” Read more


“Are you crazy?” Christine said, “I wish I had legs like you.”
Jamie blushed, “Thanks, I keep catching Michael looking at them.”
“So what’s up with that,” Christine asked, “are you considering anything? Has he asked you out?”
Jamie brushed his hair behind his ears, “Well, kind of.” He said, “We are getting coffee tomorrow.”
Jamie still couldn’t believe how much things had changed between him and his girlfriend after he contracted Estrogen Poisoning. They realized fast that neither of them were attracted to woman, and it wasn’t before long that their relationship became that of two best friends, rather than lovers.
“Oh my god,” Christine exclaimed, “I get it now, the wax, the hair, spa treatment; you really like him don’t you?”
It was hard for Jamie to even admit it but she was right. Michael was the first man to come around that made Jamie feel special and, well, feminine. And as scared as he was, Jamie was also excited. Michael made him want to look good and look sexy. He treated Jamie the way a woman should be treated.
“I think I do.” Jamie said with a smile.
Christine squealed in excitement, “That’s so great. I’m so happy for you.”
The two women hugged and as their breasts pressed together, Jamie couldn’t help but laugh at the irony. He was his former girlfriends, girlfriend.

Here to stay

“Sam, we need to talk.” Her father said as he sat her down, “I finally did it. I finally fixed the machine.”
Sam was confused for a moment but it finally dawned on her, “You really did it?” She asked.
Her father nodded, “We can finally do it, you can go back to being a man.”
Sam sat in silence for a few minutes, before her father let her be. Read more

At War

Max was at war with himself as he let Jack take another picture. He was only supposed to use his powers to fill in for his sister at school, that was the deal. Weekends he would be free to return to his own form. So why was he in a hotel room on a Friday night, in the shape of his sister, on his own? Read more