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At War

Max was at war with himself as he let Jack take another picture. He was only supposed to use his powers to fill in for his sister at school, that was the deal. Weekends he would be free to return to his own form. So why was he in a hotel room on a Friday night, in the shape of his sister, on his own? Read more

Enough is enough

“Come on guys, you don’t need to make comments like that in front of me.” Evan said, having heard the last sexist comment he could take.
“Okay, okay we’re sorry.” Greg said, though he couldn’t seem to hide his grin behind his apology. As much as Evan hated to admit it, ever since he contracted estrogen poisoning, it was so much easier to hang out with his female friends. They never made him stop to look a dirty magazines or make comments about other women that walk by. And even though they will never admit it, Evan knows his guy friends check him out.
“I mean, any woman can look like one of these sluts.” Evan said, “Hell I would look like that if I took off half of my clothes and put on a bra to push my boobs up.” He rolled his eyes, “I can’t do this any more guys. I am a woman now, we just can’t do the things we used to.”

The Best Weapon There Is

“Target is over in the corner chatting up the waitress.” Agent Wilson said to his partner, “Do you want to move now?” He said turning back around to face Agent Greene.
Greene stood silent staring down at his body.
“Hello?” Wilson said, “Do you want to move now? What’s wrong with you?” He asked.
“I don’t know man,” Greene said slowly, “Doesn’t this bother you at all?” He said gesturing to their new bodies. “I mean, I know we signed up for it but I never thought they would have the tech to actually pull it off.”
Wilson sighed and rubbed his forehead, “It’s like the doctors said, this is only temporary.”
“But I feel so weak and help less.” Greene said with an anxious tone, “We have female bodies and no weapons. What if we need to defend ourselves.”
Wilson put his hand on Greene’s slender, bare shoulders, “Look at us buddy, The Company gave us the best weapons we could ever ask for,” He reached up to his chest and pressed his breasts together, “It’s called cleavage. And you and I both know that no man can resist it.”
Greene smiled a bit.
“Now lets man up, straighten our dresses and take down our target.” Wilson said with determination.

Not Another Minute

“Oh please,” Jason said after having listened to his friend complain for the last hour, “at least you don’t have to carry around these all the damn time.”
Jason and Tony were both victims of the great shift, and while Tony was lucky enough to remain a man, Jason was having a harder time adjusting.
“I mean for goodness sake, boo-friggen-hoo, ‘I was in much better shape before the shift, I’m so much older now.'” Jason mocked, “Get over it. I used to have a dick! I used to be able to pee standing up! I didn’t used to have guys stare at my chest and ass!” He exclaimed.
He took another sip of his wine as Tony stood in silence.
Of course he would never tell Tony that he was starting to enjoy the perks of being a woman, he just couldn’t take another minute of the complaining .


Oh god Alex please stay on point, Agent Alex Frost thought to himself as he put his arms around his target.
Agent Frost was a specialist in deep undercover assignments.
This assignment in particular was, interesting to say the least. First, Frost needed to kidnap and subdue his targets wife. Keeping her unconscious, she would be brought some place safe. Than, using state of the art nano-technology, Frost would actually become an exact copy of his targets wife in order to infiltrate the criminal organization.
However there was an unaccounted for variable. The female mind and body. Frost was wined and dined and felt a little light in the head. Before he knew it he was undressing himself and allowing himself to be caressed by the very man he was hired to eliminate.
Frost shuddered as the targets hands moved up his smooth legs. Staying on point was becoming the last thing on his mind.

To little, to late

I watched the cop cars surround the mansion. I sighed to myself.
Only fifteen minutes sooner they would have caught my captor alive, but he took his pistol and locked himself in his bedroom. There was one gun shot and a thud, than silence.
I waited patiently, still dressed in the clothes my captor made me wear.
The cops busted down the door and ran upstairs. One of them walked up to me and greeted me by my old name. I was shocked.
They knew everything.
I fell into his arms and cried my eyes out. I was finally saved.
Of course the doctors would soon explain to me that the multiple surgeries and hormone injections would be close to impossible to undo. They told me that my quality of life would be severely diminished if I wanted to be a man again.
I decided that being free was reward enough that it mattered little if I would be a free woman instead of a free man.

Hooked on…somthing

As his breasts grew and filled the cups of his bra and his hair fell into his face, Glen looked up as his buddy Ron.
“What?” Glen asked.
“Nothing…” Ron said shaking his head, “It’s just, how many times a week do you take these pills?”
Glen shrugged as he buttoned up his top, “I don’t know, maybe three times. Four times tops.” He said, blushing a bit.
“And you still don’t think they are bad news?” Ron asked.
Glen walked over to Ron and climbed onto his lap, “Do these feel like bad news to you?” He asked as he placed Ron’s hands on his chest, “Lets not worry about it tonight, besides I can quit anytime I want.”

Moment of clarity

The last thing I remember, I was sitting in a bar.
And I was very much a man.
Now everything has changed. I am not sure how I managed to break through The Company’s brainwashing, but I was having a moment of clarity. It was as if I blinked at the bar and six months went by.
The Company changed me. My body and mind. They molded me into the perfect woman. One that takes orders and lives to please.
But now I was free.
Free from the mental conditioning but as reality set in and I saw my new body in the mirror of my cell, I knew my freedom would come at a price. I would be stuck as a woman for the rest of my life.