Distant Relative – Part 5 of #Uncle

My uncle locked the app after I changed back, with the suit as close to my old body as I can make it. I still had a vagina, and I kept it shaved as the submissive suggestions were still controlling my behaviour. For once I had control over the settings, as only my phone could control the suit.

On a day to day basis my brother abused the submissive controls getting me to do more of his chores and generally being a jerk. Seeing as he couldn’t get into my app he just took it out on me by making me his personal slave. I was very nervous around him, but even while I was at school I still couldn’t relax.

Tony also was pissed he couldn’t get into the app, and he made my life hell in class too. I really dreaded my Phys Ed class, more than I ever had before the suit. The other boys in the locker room would see my missing male genitals when I took a shower with them. So I stayed home that day, pretending to be ill.

But because I didn’t get out of bed I couldn’t get to my phone. But I realized someone was on it when the bubbling under my skin started.

Once I had changed into a skinny blonde girl the audio channel opened and I heard my brother in my ear. “Go to my room and put on the girls clothes I’ve bought for you. We’re going to the marina and taking the boat out. You will do as I tell you, and you will pretend to be a slutty cousin from out of town. Your name will be Shannon and you will come onto me and Paul my friend, and before we come back you’ll have let us have a threesome with you.”

As he kept instructing me I moved from my bed to his room and started to dress, he sat there watching and touching my skin, stroking my legs and rubbing on my pussy. Making me squirm as he forced me to enjoy the pleasure of being stimulated.

We got into his car and drove to dad’s boat. His mate Paul was waiting at the dock and he looked me over hungrily.

“Is she really up for this?” He asked my brother patronizingly talking over me.

“Tell him cus, tell him what you want us to do to you.”

My insides burned with a hate but also with a sinking desire. But I answered with the words he had told me to say “I want to tease you both till you can’t resist and then I want you to both have me.”

They took the boat out of the bay and we sailed out a distance before they started to paw and tease my body. I felt sick inside but in such a small place I couldn’t act on my own feelings. The rest of me gave into the submissive override as my brother kept reinforcing how much I was meant to be enjoying it.

“That’s it Shannon, you love this. You like having all this attention and enjoy making men like us hard.”

“She’s such a dirty girl.” Paul said, again not really acknowledging me just talking past me to my brother. “Can I get a blow job first?”

“Sure Shannon take Paul’s cock out and suck him off.”

I soon had my face buried in his crotch as the rocking of the boat made me sway on his erect length. Every inch of my skin quivered with the excitement and pleasure of having a cock in my mouth, but deep inside me my heart was sinking into a desperate hollow place.

My brother lifted my rear and removed my shorts and panties as he told me to relax then his fingers entered and flexed making me pulse and tense. Each flick of his fingers made me spasm as I continued to suck on Paul’s meat. Moaning over it with no control over my reactions.

The two of them passed me back and forth, taking turns and sharing my body as they wished, spending the day at sea with my body controlled by their commands. My mind dull inside as they took their pleasure as they saw fit, and with me complying without complaint and expressing my pleasure begging for more even as I desperately wanted to return to shore, to bed, to normal.

Inside I was weeping but the mass of aroused nerve endings, the immense release of pleasure and the overwhelming climaxes that shook through me left my mind exhausted and my body weak.

The whole day was spent as this thin blonde called Shannon with Paul and my brother using me over and over. I wanted to hear my Uncle’s voice to know I had some protection but none came.

Later after my brother had taken me home and let me shower and change back I heard he audio feed open in the suit, and my Uncle asked what I’d been up to.

I wept and explained and he was shocked. Telling me to be careful with my phone and that if I go out of signal range the suit app features will fail. He couldn’t get a video feed or a reading from my suit all that way out to sea. So I had been totally alone and unprotected.

That night I rocked myself to sleep, as the fresh commands swam through my mind. I didn’t want to enjoy it but the settings in the app were locked in, and all the submissive features meant that now my brother had left me with a desire for men to pay attention to me, to find me sexy. I wanted to make men hard when they were with me, and I fell asleep thinking about all the boys that would have shared a shower with me if I’d only gone to school.


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