Helping My Friend Test His Remote

I can’t believe I am putting on a display like this in front of my friend, let alone that a remote could be responsible for it all. About a minute ago my friend James just used the remote to command me to get on my knees and bounce ‘dem titties’ up and down. I tried to resist but I didn’t hold out very long. As it turns out the remote doesn’t force you to do anything it, it is more of a suggestion… A STRONG suggestion that caused discomfort of not following a command and increasing sexual satisfaction through following a command. For me, my breasts started to feel really sensitive. I became increasingly aware of the draft on the underside of my breasts that was caused by my really small and smooth shirt. My nipples started to get really hard and I noticed as the fabric of the shirt passed over them I felt a growing warmth in my crotch. I wanted more, and hoping he wouldn’t notice me following his order I gave a really small bounce. I felt my very perky and heavy breasts jostle about and my body immediately reacted to the feeling and I started to become increasingly aroused as I could begin to feel a dampness build between my legs, before I knew It was hopping up and down off the heals of my feet. The feeling of my body jiggling and the weight of my breasts bouncing up and down is almost starting to become enough to start driving me over the edge. “Okay… you can stop now, I think we can call that a success”, my friend James said with a lump in his throat and remote in hand. “Ugh! But I don’t want to sto…” I moaned throwing my arms out in protest before the urge to bounce up and down quickly faded away. “Wow… that was weird, the remote has an… interesting way of getting me to follow commands” I said meekly noticing the wetness between my legs.

This all started when my friend called me this morning saying he had some new device he wanted to show me . He told me I was the only one that he trusted enough to share this with and asked if I could come over and help him figure out how it works. When I got to his house he pulled out what looked like some kind of remote. It looked something like the cross between a TV remote and an tablet. And without knowing the context I would never know what this remote was for, I mean who needs a ‘Sensitivity’ increment/decrement setting for a T.V. remote.

“It can change almost anything you can think of on a personn” James claimed, and after giving a couple of quick demonstrations on himself, such as hair color and eye color, I believed him. “Are you serious!? What else can that thing do?” I was floored, this thing is awesome. He asked me if we could test it out with each other and test out it’s full capability, I agreed to helping him not knowing what I was getting myself into. We started to play around with it for about an hour changing muscle mass, height, vision, almost anything we could think of except for a glaringly obvious set of buttons that we had ignored up until now.

“Hey can that thing change someone’s gender?” I asked James, more out of curiosity than interest in actually turning myself into a woman.

James looked down at the remote scratching his head, “Yeah! It looks like you can, wanna try it out?” Before I had a chance to protest he pointed the remote at me and pressed what looked like one of the pre-set buttons.

“Holy shit dude why d-” The sound of my voice started me, it sounded higher but was a smooth and seductive feminine voice. My body felt really off, I looked down and let out an audible gasp. I was greeted by two very perky, and large breasts. “Oh my god, look at these,” I cried “They are huge!” I grabbed them, they were more than a handful and felt sensitive too, a twinge of pleasure came across me and moaned slightly. “I need to see what you did to me!” I made my way over to my friend’s bathroom mirror noting the roll in my hips, the jiggling and bouncing of my breasts and my ass as I made my way over there. It felt good in this body as I moved around the feeling was erotic and each step would cause my new sensitive hard nipples to brush against the solf fabric of this tiny little shirt.

“I look so slutty!” I exclaimed in my seductive voice. I had very full pouty lips and a button nose, my hair was done up in a ponytail and was now dirty blond instead of my natural black color. I turned sideways and saw my heart shaped ass protruding, while biting my lower lip I notice how sexy I looked and how much this starting to turn me on. While looking at my ass in the mirror and how smooth, big and curvy it was the words ‘dat ass’ popped in my mind and a sudden urge overcame me and without thinking I gave it a hard smack and let out a sexy moan. Why did I just do that, “What preset did you use and why is my mind getting filled with these… thoughts?!” I asked James. “Hey man I’m sorry I thought you would be cool with it, you did say you would help me out with this thing, and we can always change you back.” James said apologetically. “I guess your right, I did agree to help you test out all these functions on this remote of yours”, I turn forward in the mirror noticing the thigh gap and camel toe for the first time, a sight which instantly turned me on causing my nipples to harden and ache for attention. James was looking down at the remote, “Oh shit, I think I used some kind of preset. It is called ‘Sex Deprived Stripper'”. He began reading a description,”This setting will turn the subject into a woman with above average proportions for attracting the opposite sex, making her an excellent candidate as an adult entertainer. Libido and sensitivity are increased, sex will not abate these conditions and subject will be constantly aroused and wanting to relieve the one need that will always be on her mind, sex.” I had stopped listening to him halfway through, and I could already tell what this body wanted and needed. As he kept reading and looking down at the tablet I began to explore my body. One hand found my soft supple breast and squeezed causing me to whimper slightly. The other began to explore the moist folds of my pussy which sent shivers down my spine causing me let out a stifled moan. Suddenly I heard James say, “Let’s try this ‘command’ feature next”, startled I quickly brought my hands back to my sides just in time before he looked up from the tablet at me. “Sure! Let’s try that.”, I said out of breath. James looked at me curiously, “Are you okay?”, I responded “Yeah, lets keep testing this remote.”, although I would never admit it to James I began to want to stay like this.

My needs took over pretty quickly and James was quickly became putty in my hands. He did put up small resistances such as “But we are friends”, and “This is wrong, I can change you back”, turns out this body is really good at getting what it wants. It has been about 3 hours since we tested the ‘command’ feature on the remote. The majority of that time has been spent fucking and sucking non stop and I am about to have my next orgasm. James currently has me bent over the dining room table and I can feel him getting close, every time he drives into me I can feel my ass reverberate with every thrust. He occasionally slaps my ass causing me yell out in pleasure. I can’t get enough of his hard tool smashing my pussy faster and faster, the increasing rhythm continuously me closer and closer to orgasm. Finally it hits, I lose all reasonable thought and I see the remote in front of me. As his dick begins to pulsate inside of me I reach the height of my climax. Between the moans and the bliss I immediately decide I don’t want to change back and in one swift motion I knock the remote off the counter destroying it.


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