Who Gets to be the Man

At first we just wanted to make the sex life exciting again. After we had found the medallion we swapped whenever we felt like it. And it was fun to experience the other side. That was going on some time and we started to forget who was the real man and who the real woman. After some more time we both started preferring to be the husband. It was just too much of a hassle being the wife. Putting on make-up, female hygiene, and not to forget Aunt Flo’s monthly visit. More and more often we would get into fights about swapping.

We had to find a solution.
So we came up with this game. Every Sunday last week’s loser could choose any game they liked. And whoever won that game got to choose their role for the following week. We called the game ‘Who Gets to be the Man’. Not the most creative title in the world but it wasn’t like we needed one anyway.

I had been on a losing streak for months now and I couldn’t stand it anymore.
I wasn’t able to beat him in any game of sports, and he also seemed to be smarter than me, so games like chess didn’t work either to win. That’s why this Sunday I chose a game of complete luck. Each of us got half a deck of Poker cards and each turn we would reveal the top cards of our stacks. Highest card wins. Whoever had the highest score at the end would win.
We started playing and of course he won the first five turns. But I caught up and before the last turn the score was 13 – 12 for him and my only hope was to win a second chance. I revealed my last card. King of Hearts. Yes. But was there another Ace? Dammit, I didn’t count. By the expression on his face he counted the cards and knew what was under there. He grinned aggressively.
He slowly turned his card face up. King of Spades.

“Fuck!”, I shouted.
“Well, you know what this means,” he said to me in that arrogant tone. “Upstairs you will find a gift box. I want you to put on what you find in there and meet me outside in 30 minutes. We are going out tonight. And you better stop being grumpy. Or you’re not getting lucky later.” Sex was the only thing being nice about this body. So I tried to cheer up.
Defeated I went upstairs and put on the dress and jewellery he prepared for me. Meanwhile I started thinking of a new game to finally beat him. There had to be a way…


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