It’s not fun anymore

“Ha ha, that was a good one honey, you’ve got me. Now turn us back” Carl said to his wife. “But i can’t, no matter how many times i try” Hannah replied. “I know honey you enjoy it, don’t get me wrong i love sex in your body, a woman’s orgasm is incredible but it’s really time to swap back” Carl was getting nervous. “I’m not lying to you” Hannah said in a defensive manner. “Let me take a look” Carl took the body swap scroll from his wife. The scroll was a wedding gift from Hannah’s mother. Her family used it for generations to swap bodies between each other and now was their turn.
Carl looked at the words that earlier were written in shiny gold but now they lost the sparkle and were plain black. Carl looked at his wife with a worried expression on his face. He tried to chant the spell but it didn’t work. “Come on!” Carl was getting desperate, he pleaded and yelled but nothing was working. “Damn it!” Carl sat on the bed and He buried his face in his hands. “I think i know what’s wrong” His wife suddenly said, she looked pale and terrified. “Carl stared at her courious what she just rembered. “I think my mom told me something like we should be very carefull during sex, because if you get pregnant the swap becomes permament” She said and looked at Carl. “No! No! No! That’s impossible. I can’t be pregnant we used protection. It must be something else” Carl shook his head, he did not accept this explanation but sooner or later he will have to. Two weeks later Carl started to feel sick in the morning. He already knew what’s going on and later the doctor confirmed his fears, he was going to be a mom.


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