Come on

“Are you ready yet?” Carol knocked on the bathroom door. “I’m not going” Tom whined. “What’s the matter again” Carol sighed opening the door and saw her body all dressed up with her make up done properly. “You look great so why are you still in here? Whe should already get going” Carol said aproaching her husband. “I can’t do it” Tom hid his face. “We already visited my parents before so why are you so afraid” Carol asked. “But not as eachother! I’m sure they will notice something. How am I supposed convince them that i’m their daughter?” Tom was freaking out. “It will be alright” Carol hugged him. “Did anyone in my office noticed our switch?” Carol said softly. “No” Tom looked her in the eyes. “See, you’re doing good in my body. When you were at Susan’s bachelorette party no one was able to say you’re not me. At her wedding you were also pretty convincig” Carol comforted her husband. “You think so?” Tom asked. “Of course. You act like me and you don’t even know it. Now come, your parents are waiting for us.” Carol helped her husband to get up. “I hope this will end soon and we could get back to our original bodies” Tom said leaving the bathroom. “Me too” Carol said but she knew the swap is permament.

Three months ago Carol angered a witch who put a body swap curse on her and her husband. Now they had to deal with them being eachother and it looked like Carol was already accepting her body. Tom altought had it harder to adjust, he still hoped this is temporary. Carol didn’t have the hearth to tell him the truth so she kept it a seceret, maybe Tom will come to terms with his life if she gives him more time.


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