The only thing she asks for

I was getting ready, my cock was hard as i climbed on top of my wife. She was already wet, spreading her legs as an invitation. I put my manhood inside her and started to do my work. Then i felt like something hit me in the head. Everything was blurry and when i regained my vision i was laying on my back. Someone was on top of me. A man. I felt something inside my groin. It felt good as he moved. I looked closely and saw myself staring at me back with a shocked expression. I screamed in a high pitched voice.

The great shift. Thats how they call it in the news. It caused 99 percent of the population to randomly swap bodies. I ended up in my wife’s body. Luckily she was in mine so we still had eachother to help. I’m struggling right now very hard. Not only im a diffirent person but i also went through a sex change. I’m trying my best to cope on this new reality. My wife seems to take it very lightly. She often asks me to try out sex as eachother. I can’t belive it’s the only thing she thinks about. I’m not ready for this. I still didn’t get used to the idea of being a woman so there’s no way i’m going to get fucked by a man. My body however is really atracted to the idea. I know soon i will give up to the pleasure but for now my wife will have to wait and play just by herself.


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