Electric shock

Tony was mumbling under his breath as he tried to fix the broken tv. Seeing his struggle his wife Heather sighted “You still trying to fix that thing? How many times do i have to tell you, let’s get a new one” She said. “No, it’s not completely broken” Tony was stubborn. “Fine, you can keep trying but tomorrow i’m going to buy a new one, with or without you” she said and went to the kitchen for something to eat. “We don’t need a new tv” Tony said to himself. He always thought there is no need to buy something when you can repair it.

When Heather got back with food Tony was still struggling with the tv. She came up to him and put her hands on his shoulders “Still not giving up?” She asked. “This time it will work. Just look” Tony accidentaly touched a wire and since he forgot to unplug it from the socket they both got electrocuted.

When Tony opened his eyes he was laying on the floor. His body felt lighter and there was some pressure on his chest. Tony struggled to sit down. Something was tickling his neck. He reached his hand and realized it was his hair. “Wait a moment” he looked down and almost passed out again. He recognized the clothes he was wearing. immediately he rushed to the nearest mirror and to his horror he discovered he was in his wife’s body. “Wait what? How!?” Tony was confused. In all this mess Tony completely forgot about his wife. “Heather, are you all right?”he ran to the living room and saw his body unconscious. “Still breathing” Tony said relieved. “Honey wake up” Tony poked her lightly. Heather slowly opened her eyes. “I know this could be hard but you need to stay ca…” Tony couldn’t finish when his wife screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw her body speaking to her. “Who are you? Why do you look like me? What happened to my voice? My body!?” Heather was panicking. “Calm down, let me explain”.

After coming to terms with this weird situation Tony and Heather sat in the kitchen. “It’s your fault! I told you to buy that damn tv!” Heather blamed him. Tony lowered his head in shame, the sight of his wife’s cleavage didn’t make him feel better at all. “What now? How do we change back?” Heather asked. “I don’t know” Tony hardly could admit it. “Well then Mr. handyman, you better fix this or else we will be stuck like this for the rest of our lives” Heather said. Tony already knew he can’t fix this. He should listen to his wife and buy a new tv.


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