Wedding night curse

I smiled as i carried my wife to our bed. We just got married and i couldn’t wait for our first time as husband and wife. I put her into bed and sterted to undress her while kissing her neck. When we were both naked and hot i started to thrust into her. Everything was going fine until me head felt dizzy and i found myself laying on my back. I could feel something between my legs but it stopped. I looked up and saw my body, staring at me in horror. Then something sticky shoot inside me. It took us a moment to realize we just swapped bodies.

Two days later my wife, now in my male body came up to me. I knew she was hiding something but i didn’t ask, i had bigger problems adjusting to her body. It appers that my wife was cursed ten years ago by some witch. The witch said that at her wedding night she will swap bodies with her husband. She didn’t tell me because she didn’t belive in magic, she thought the woman was on drugs or something. But the curse was real and we found out the hard way. This whole thing got even more complicated three weeks after. Back at our wedding night we didn’t use protection. We forgot about it since we had other things to worry about but we got reminded when i started to feel sick in the morning. After taking me to the doctor we found out i was pregnant.

It’s been 7 months since then. I must admit i found out my feminine side and i really enjoy being a woman. It took some time to get used to this body but finally i was able to. My pregnancy is also coming along nicely. There were plenty of times when i thought i can’t make it but despite the cramps, back ache, and sore breasts i’m really looking forward into motherhood. They say marriage can change a man. In my case it literaly changed me. When i proposed i never imagined that i will be the wife and a mother of our children.


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