Of all the places I could have ended up at

I was having lunch with my wife, when we felt some kind of energy pass through our bodies. In less than a second, my whole perspective had changed. I was looking through my wife’s eyes back at my former self. “Where am I? what happened?” my former body asked. Having read a lot about the great shift, I realized what had happened, so I pretended not to know what was wrong. “What do you mean honey?” I asked him. “Honey? who are you calling honey?” he asked. “I am Audrey, I am 18 years old… and… why do I sound like a man?” she asked.

I still pretended not to know what was wrong, so I played along, “Are you feeling ok love? you are Andrew, 27 years old, and we have been married for a year” I told him. He stood up, “No… I don’t want to be a man” he said. I stood up too, and hugged him.

The fact that I ended inside my wife’s body was perfect. We were having problems, and we were discussing divorce when the great shift happened. We turned on the tv, and found out all about it on the news. Audrey called her parents and told them what had happened, but her parents weren’t her parents anymore. So in time she will have to learn to be Andrew.

My wife never called, I bet she was relieved she had left our troubled marriage. Anyways, that was a month ago, tonight I am all dressed up, wearing a golden skirt, high heels, and black blouse. I can see Audrey has gotten acostumed to being me. So I did a sexy pose, to turn him on. We are going to a party, but hopefully he’s up for a quicky before we leave.


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