A shapeshifting tale

Ever since I found out shapeshifting runs in the family, I can’t get enough of it. My mother had it, my grandma had it, and now, I have the ability too. Abilities first show up around puberty. I felt awful when I got them, it was like the worst flu you could imagine. I had a fever, chills, aching body, even some gum bleeding. After the sickness part passed away, my mother explained what I had gone through. She took a couple of weeks off work to teach me how to shape shift. “It takes a lot of concentration” she said.

I started small, changing my body mass a little. With more experience, I was able to make my hair grow or shorten. “You are doing great” my mom told me after I swapped my eye color. Without exercise, I made myself looked strong and well fit. “Tomorrow you’ll be going back to school” she told me, “and if you are going to alter your body like that, do it step by step, don’t raise any suspicion”.

I did as she said, turning back to my real self and making myself better looking as each day passed. Girls started to look at me for the first time. And I started to become a lot more confident. A year after my first shape shifting episode, my mother told me “It is time for lesson 2”. I couldn’t believe there was more to my shapeshifting abilities. She went on explaining how I could also transform into other people. She showed me a picture of some actor, “concentrate, imagine yourself being him”. It took sometime, but after a few tries I transformed into an exact copy of him. “Imagine all you will be able to do” she said.

Although in public I kept living my own life. In private, I would transform into different men. Friends, celebrities, family. I even tried pretending I had their voice. And with some practice I was able to reproduce their voice and pitch with perfection. But as I was looking at the new ‘Emily Jugs’ in the new issue of ‘Jugs magazine’ a thought popped into my mind. I didn’t know if I could also alter my body look female, but I wanted to find out. I looked at my hand and concentrated, my hand did change, it looked feminine, just like the girl in the magazine. I made sure my door was locked, and took my clothes off, concentrating even more, I was able to grow breasts, get an hour shape figure, absorb my body hair. Apart from my cock, I looked like a girl. I took a deep breath, and concentrated some more. I saw my cock deflate and go into my body, revealing a slit.

I couldn’t believe it, I looked just like ‘Emily Jugs’. I possed and tried my best to act sexy. The whole thing was aroussing. My pussy was already dripping. I jumped into bed, and slowly started massaging my clit. The feeling was unbelivable. I squeezed one of my breasts. I couldn’t believe how real it felt. I spent the rest of the after noon inspecting my new body. Afterwards, I concentrated, and turned myself back. That was the first time I tried being a girl.

The next day, my mom awkwardly asked me “So… how was your first time?”. She surprised me, I don’t know how she knew I had tried transforming into a girl. “What do you mean?” I asked pretending I didn’t know what had happened. “Come on Tom, don’t you think I know when my son transformed into a girl for the first time? After all it did take you a little more time than me to try changing genders” she said, I blushed. “Don’t worry, it is normal, we all tried it”.

Since then, I have spent my weekends transforming into different people, sometimes men, sometimes women. It is always fun to transform into a famous person, being recognized on the street and giving fake autographs. Sometimes I even forget who I have transformed to. One day, I forgot to put a blouse on, thinking I was a man. I was buying some newspaper, when some random guy approached me, “Sorry to bother you”. I looked at him, “no bother, what is it?” I asked. “That is frowned up on. You should cover yourself up” he said pointing at my breasts. “Shit” I said and dropped my wallet. I covered my breasts with my left arm, and kneeled to pick my wallet up. But the man had already picked it for me. “Shit” I thought as I saw my male id inside my wallet. “Sorry, is that your boyfriend?” he asked. That was the perfect explanation, “Yes” I said. “He is some lucky guy” he said and turned around. “No wait, was… was my boyfriend… This is his old id” I said. I don’t know why I felt like saying so. I guess the guy was kind of cute. “Emily” I said introducing myself, “Andrew” he said. We shook hands.

We started dating, and little by little I started spending less and less time as Tom, and more as Emily. It was weird having feelings for him. I knew that if someone would understand me, it would be my mother. So I decided to talk to her. “Don’t worry, I went through the whole thing with your father” she said. “Wait? you…? you aren’t really a woman?” I asked her. “Well, I AM a woman. but I wasn’t borned as one” she said. She went on explaining how she fell in love too, and decided to stay as a woman. After a long talk, I hugged her, and decided to stay as Emily forever. Well, I would sometimes transform into different people, it does help clear my mind. But if you ask me, Tom feels so far away from me, like an old friend who I haven’t seen in ages.


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