See that snowflake on my chest? well, that is the source of my powers. It is usually not visible, but whenever I use my abilities, it glows and becomes visible for a few seconds.

I’ve had this ability since I turned 18 years old. It was my mother the one that explained to me how it worked. She told me she had it, and her mother had it. “It is genetics” she explained while she drew with her fingers the snowflake on my chest. I didn’t believe her at first, but she dared me to try it.

“No fun trying something simple” she said. I thought on my school crush Emma, and in no time, felt my chest get a little bit cold, seconds later I had grown boobs, and my body had reshaped in every way imaginable. “It worked!” I said amazed by the change. Even my voice had changed, and my personality was a little bit closer to her.

“I never thought you would try womanhood on your first transformation” mom told me. “Just be carefull, try not to be someone that already exists. We don’t want the real Emma finding her clone” she said. She was right, so I concentrated changing my face structure a little bit. “Much better” she said.

I didn’t stay as her for long, I went back to being myself again. I wasn’t the best person out there. Someone else might have used this gift for good, or just for fun. But I, on the other hand used for personal gain. I tricked people, I stole money, I did everything I shouldn’t do. I always felt such a rush. Eventually I tried sex as a woman, and it was even better than I imagined. I spent months having sex with random guys, I called that my hooker phase.

Anyways, right now, I am dating a wealthy guy. He thinks I really love him, but I am just dating him for his money. I know he loves big boobs, and dumb bimbos. So I am pretending to be one. That’s him behind me. He’s great in bed and all, but I will soon leave him. The snowflake is visible, because I just made my boobs a little bit bigger, something that will surely please him later tonight. It’s a farewell gift, afterall, tomorrow I will empty his bank accounts and leave him.


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