Before he runs away

After being turned into a sexy blonde, Andrew tried to run away. It was pointless, since the mind conditioning had worked wonders too. “Walk sexy” Tom instructed him. Although Andrew was still trying to get away, he changed his pace to a sexy walk. “Stop, turn around and wave hello” Tom said. Andrew had no choice, but to stop, turn around, and wave sexily. He hated the whole thing. “Don’t forget to smile” Tom told him and he smiled back at him. “Your name is, and has always been Adrianne” Tom said.

Although Adrianne was acting like a sexy woman, he still wanted to run away. “Think and act like the woman you now are” Tom ordered him. Her smile grew bigger, “Hey sexy, are you just going to stare at me?” she asked Tom. Andrew’s male mind was trapped inside Adrianne’s body. He had lost all control of his body, he was nothing more but a passenger inside Adrianne mind. Tonight he will experience sex as Adrianne’s, I am sure he will hate it at first, but since Adrianne will surely enjoy it, he will eventually too.


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