Genie Series #26. @oRISKoL1VESo

Sometimes Genie wondered why people would think she could read minds. “Hello genie, my name is Cable I wish to become the girl of my fantasies” Genie read outloud. “Well, I don’t know what your fantasy is, but I can guess… Wish Granted” she said and turned into dust.

Cable was at home, watching a movie when he felt a gust of wind enter through the window. He stood up to close it, but as he locked the window into place, he heard a loud click inside his head. It felt like if someone had squeezed his mind into mush. He didn’t know what was happening, nor did he care, right now, his mind was gone. And his body was reshaping, forming a new body.

It was like he was made out of clay, his body was being molded into a girl. Boobs formed on his chest, his waist became thinner, and his ass rounder, his hair pulled out all the way to shoulder length, his equipment retracted into his own body, leaving a virgin pussy in its place. His body hair disappeared, leaving only the smell of burned hair. It wasn’t until that moment, that his mind started to work again.

All traces of his maleself were gone. She felt like a woman. Just like her mind said she has always been. She was halfnaked. Looked down to awe at her own body, which, was perfect. Cable was gone, and in his place, was Claire. The perfect fantasy girl. Great body, kinky, great in bed, doesn’t nag, loves videogames, laughs at every joke, and she loves to please her partner.

She might be boyfriendless at the moment, but tonight, she’s expecting to get lucky at a friend’s party.


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