Genie Series 29. @MandiCandy

“Hello Genie! Thank you for doing this! My name is Matt, and I wish that you will make my deepest fantasy a reality” Genie read. “Oh Matt, how I wish I could do so, but I can’t know your fantasy if you don’t spell it out. So I will do the next best thing. Wish granted” Genie said as she disappeared into a cloud of pink dust.

Matt was just procrastinating, when he heard something in his bedroom. He walked towards it, and found out there was some kind of leak. Pink tinted water was dripping from his room ceiling. “Shit” he said, as he grabbed an empty glass and placed it under the leak. But that wasn’t enough, his room was being filled up with water. He tried to get out, but he couldn’t open his door nor window. He was trapped. He yelled for help, but no one answered. In a few minutes his whole room was filled with water. He tried to hold up his breath as long as he could. Hoping for a miracle of some sorts. But he finally gave in, and swallowed some water.

He thought that would be the end of his life. And in a way, he was right. But as soon as he passed out, his room slowly started to dry. When he came back to his senses, he woke up with a quick motion gasping for air. It was at that moment that he realized he wasn’t a man anymore. He had shoulder length hair, nice perky breasts, a round ass, a cute face, lets just say he was now a woman. “What happened?” she said with a high feminine voice. She realized everything changed because of his wish. “Lilith?” she asked herself when she remembered her femanle name.

She thought that was it, she had been turned into a woman. She got dressed, and painted her nails and applied make up. She was surprised how easy it was. Exactly 20 minutes later, her boyfriend showed up. Although she already looked hot and sexy, he told her “We have a costume party, I want you to go as a little devil”. And without much hesitation, she twirled, and her clothes and attittude changed. She had horns, and was holding a red trident. Her clothes were more revealing. She smiled a stroke a pose.

They went to the party, and everything went off as normal. Although she was acting like a little devil. Making fun of people, drinking, making sure everybody was having fun, in a way she was the life of the party. When they got home, they started kissing. She was ready to make out. “You know what I want, I want you to be my slave” her boyfriend said. Again, Lilith twirled, and transformed into a slave girl. This time she felt submissive. She did in fact let her boyfriend do anything he wanted with her. And she enjoyed the hell out of it.

It took her some time, but she realized she had become her boyfriend’s every fantasy. Whatever he wished, she would become. Her physical appearance didn’t change, she was always Lilith, but her mind, and her clothes altered according to her boyfriend’s wishes.


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