Drunk Shopping

…Ugh, what time is it? 11 am… I guess I must have gotten pretty hammered last night. That’s the trouble with having no friends (other than Jack and Jim… Jose might have even showed up at some point). Stupid sunlight, stupid pounding headache, stupid me for drinking alone in my apartment again.

Oh shit, my computer is on. What was I doing… Let’s see, I started with my usual porn sites. Then I had a few more shots and found that TG caption site. I mean, it was definitely weird and kinda perverted, but some of the stories got me really horny. Guys turning into girls, playing with their hot new bodies…

What did I do after that? Think, think, think… Oh no, it’s coming back to me. That’s when I found that fetish chatroom. I didn’t really tell a guy I wanted him to turn me into his sexy little plaything, did I? That is so wrong. He called me Carly and told me how he wanted me to play with my pussy. God that was hot… Er, weird, that was weird.

I better not have– nope, of course, there it is. I totally ordered a dildo online. Why do I get the feeling that this may not be the last I’ve heard of Carly, and why do I suddenly feel like I don’t want to look down?


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