Vicious cycle

John’s new body was sending him some confusing signals. His girlfriend turned him into a chick with her magic because she wanted to go dancing and John always hated it. Well now he was Jane and he actually kind of liked it. The baseline would thump and he’d shake and move his new body in ways that felt so primal, so good. Guys would come up and grind on him and he’d push back against them without thinking.

Then the beat would stop and Jane would realize what she was doing. She’d blush and excuse herself and go get a drink to calm herself down. Then the beat would start up and she’d find herself back on the dance floor with some new guy grinding on her.

She’s on drink number 7 now. She could feel the last guy’s cock when he was grinding against her ass and that had been just too much. She needed a drink bad, hence the guzzling. That and because she was pretty drunk. The cold beer splashing on her tits was just more of a reminder that they were there. She kind of liked them. Actually she really liked them.

The beat started up again and she slammed the glass down on the bar. The world was spinning just a little as she made her way back to the dance floor. She should just relax, right? Maybe if she flashed the next guy he’s touch her tits instead of grinding against her. Mmmh, that would be nice. A guy touching her tits wasn’t weird, because, well, they were tits right?

John’s girlfriend eventually got tired of dancing and was ready to go. She looked around for John and was shocked to find him coming out of the men’s bathroom with a very different substance all over his face!


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